Section 75 of the MFMA requires that the municipalities place key documents and information on their websites, including the IDP, annual report, adjustments budgets and budget related documents and policies. Section 21A of Municipal Systems Act of the Municipal Systems Act states that performance agreements for Section 57 Managers must be on the Websites. Follow the links below to download key documents.
Sr. No. Title Download/Details
1 Second Quarter Performance Report (October 2023 – December 2023) Download(1.09 MB)Second Quarter Performance Report (October 2023 – December 2023)
Sr. No. Title Download/Details
2 Tabled Annual Report 2022-23.pdf Details
Sr. No. Title Download/Details
3 Final Annual Report 2021-22022 Download(5.63 MB)Final Annual Report 2021-22022
Sr. No. Title Download/Details
4 Annual Report 2019/20 Download(16.47 MB)Annual Report 2019/20
Sr. No. Title Download/Details
5 Annual Report 2018/19 Download(8.96 MB)Annual Report 2018/19
Sr. No. Title Download/Details
6 Public Notice Annual Report 2017-18 Download(85.93 KB)Public Notice Annual Report 2017-18
7 Annual Report 2017-18 Download(6.53 MB)Annual Report 2017-18