About Political Governance

Ramotshere municipality has established Fully Functional Portfolio Committees as follows: 

  • Planning and Development - CLLR A.N NYAMANE
  • Budget and Treasury Office - CLLR V O MOGALE
  • Corporate Services - CLLR T V KENA
  • Community Services - CLLR A.N THALE
  • Technical Services - CLLR J.K MOKGATLHE
  • Local Economic Development - CLLR T.G KATAMETSI

All the committees meet monthly unless otherwise stated.

Council established other committees regulated by legislation such as, Rules Committee, Assets Committee, Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC), Audit and Risk Committee (ARCOM), that provides opinions and recommendations on financial processes and performance and provides comments to the Oversight Committee (MPAC) which is an Oversight Committee, comprised of non-executive councillors, with the specific purpose of providing Council with comments and recommendations on the Annual Report.


Councilors are elected by the local registered voters (ratepayers) to serve a predetermined term of office on the local council as representatives of their respective constituents. The Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipal Council has a total of 37 seats. 19 of these seats are allocated to ward councillors who are elected by the wards they represent. The other 18 seats are allocated to political parties in proportion to the number of votes cast for them.

The council has 37 seats (19 ward councillors and 18 proportional representative councillors) which are allocated as follows:

 African National Congress (ANC) 23 councillors

 Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) 5 councillors

 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) 5 councillors

 Democratic Alliance (DA) 1 councillor

 United Christian Democratic Party (UCDP) 1 councillor

 Forum For Democrats (FFD) 1 councillor

 Freedom Front Plus (VF) 1 councillor 

Political decision-taking

The Rules and Procedures of Council and its Committees provide as follows for the decision-making process of the Council:

  1. All matters concerning the following shall be determined by a decision taken by the Council with a supporting vote of a majority of the Council:-
  • the passing of by-laws;
  • the approval of budgets;
  • the imposition of rates and taxes, levies and duties; and
  • the raising of loans.
  1. All other questions before the Council shall be decided by a majority of the votes cast.
  2. If on any question there is an equality of votes, the Councillor presiding (the Speaker) shall exercise a casting vote in addition to that Councillor’s vote as a Councillor.
  3. Before the council takes a decision on any of the following matters it shall first require the Executive Committee to submit to it a report and recommendation on the matter:-
  • the passing of by-laws;
  • the approval of budgets;
  • the imposition of rates;
  • the raising of loans;
  • the approval of an integrated development plan for the Municipality and any amendment to that plan;
  • the appointment and conditions of service of the Municipal Manager and a head of department of the Council.