Intergovernmental Relations

Throughout this process, the municipality received full support from the Office of the MEC for Local Government and Traditional Affairs. Substantial support in the development of a financial recovery plan has also been obtained from National Treasury. The provincial Treasury has also assisted in terms of developing both the strategic and operational risk registers of the municipality.


Whilst the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) was the primary source of funding for capital projects related to infrastructure development and basic services, the following basic services are delivered to the community using mechanisms of intergovernmental relations with National/ Provincial Departments and/ or parastatals:

Water & Sanitation- Department of Water Affairs and Umgeni Water;

Housing - Department of Human Settlements;

Electricity - Department of Minerals & Energy and Eskom


Various other grants, such as the Neighbour Partnership Development Grant, have been received for the implementation of projects. All information related to grants received is disclosed as required in the Annual Financial Statements.


National Intergovernmental Structure

The municipality remains a member of the South African Cities Network (SACN). Unfortunately, due to the financial constraints of the organization, there was a minimal level of participation in the various knowledge-sharing forums 


Provincial Intergovernmental Structure

The municipality has received support for the implementation of Organizational Performance Management from the Provincial Department of Local Government and Traditional Affairs. The Municipal Manager participates in the Premier’s Coordinating Council (PCC) , Provincial PMS Forum Provincial 


Municipal Managers Forum and Technical forum.

Relationships With Municipal Entities


The municipality has no entities.

District Intergovernmental Structures

At a District level, the municipality has participated in the District Municipal and Technical Forum which is chaired by the District Mayor. The municipality is also participating in different fora such as IGR, Municipal Managers Forum , Technical Forum,  and PMU Forum .