Municipal Public Accounts Committee

  1. MPAC may review and examine the following documents:
  • Audit Reports on annual financial statements of the Municipality;
  • Any reports issued by the Auditor-General on the affairs of the Municipality;
  • The annual reports of the Municipality;
  • The mayor’s quarterly reports on the implementation of the budget and the financial state of affairsof the municipality;
  • Any other financial statements or reports referred to MPAC by the Council;
  • Any information relating to personnel; books of account, records, assets and liabilities of the Council; and
  • Relevant information that may be required for the purpose of fulfilling its mandate.
  1. MPAC may summon any councillor or municipal official to assist it in the execution of its duties.
  2. MPAC may report on or make recommendations in relation to any of the reports or financial statements which it may examine.
  3. In its examination (mentioned in clause 2) MPAC must take into account previous statements and report and consider the degree to which previously identified shortcomings have been rectified. The Committee must report to Council on its findings.
  4. MPAC shall initiate and develop the Annual Oversight Report on the Municipality’s Annual report.
  5. MPAC may initiate, direct and supervise investigations into any matter falling within its terms of reference including projects requested by EXCO and Council.
  6. MPAC may consider any recommendations made by the Audit Committee, portfolio committee or any other committee referred to it and render an opinion on such recommendations.
  7. MPAC may request or invite members of the public to attend any meeting of the Committee i.t.o. s16 (1) of the Systems Act, 2000, to assist it with the performance of its functions